Support is as weak as the signal

  • 2 November 2019
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I have fought with support for a week to get service and now am stuck with a 3 month plan with no service. Support didn’t even let me know that I had to enable Wifi calling/SMS on Wifi in my online account options. It is absurd that this info was not passed on. At least I could have used it with Wifi, instead I missed calls, texts, and no internet for a week. 

 Even though I now find how to make wifi calling work, I am still going to Verizon tomorrow to get a Sim and some service that works. If I just wanted to use Wifi, I would have gotten a tablet, not a cell phone.



1 reply

I switched from Straight Talk to this to try and save some money. Big Mistake!  Service is great in my house. I drive 3 miles North and I have NO service. Yea, going back to ST.