T-Mobile and MetroPCS GSM IMEI Question

  • 22 July 2018
  • 3 replies

Does T-Mobile and MetroPCS GSM IMEI Phones and Tablets require to be SIM UNLOCKED to work on Mint APN "WholeSale" Or do they still have to be unlocked for Mint Sim to work LTE/Voice data to work?

3 replies

The phone, or table must be unlocked, and use the T-Mobile network Band 4 and 12. They can use one or the other. But for best results, it should have both.
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TMO phones do not need to be unlocked for them to work on Mint. Metro phones do need to be unlocked.
Locked Metro PCS phones DO work. When you first place the activated SIM in the phone it will say service is disabled. Then go into the network settings and create a new Access Point Name with MINT and complete the settings as per MINT instructions.. Once new settings are saved you will get a text from MINT and you are good to go! It works.