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  • 5 February 2019
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First i want to say i have been a Mint subscriber for over a year... The service in my area is fine for what my wife and I need. Combined we used 12GB of data last year, it's not necessary for us to have any data at all, so finding a cheap plan like this where we can just get the basics was worth it.

Mint is running on a TMobile cell service, so if your area doesn't work with T-Mobile then Mint isn't going to work either.. Also this is 15.00 a month not verizon's 120.00 a month for the same thing, if you are realistic in understanding that the savings means you don't get the same service you really don't care as much.

I am in the Ohio Valley, i get at least 3G coverage everywhere, it's enough to stream pandora.. which is the only data i use.. If you have kids who need to tweet about things constantly.. well.. verizon might be better for you..

That said, i have driven from Ohio to NYC, to Long island, back to Ohio, been in DC, and have driven to Florida, never once being without cellular service, it's possible that the data dropped, but it's a phone so i don't care...

All that said,
Why i don't think Mint is good for anyone..
Basically i have a feeling that they are either Breached, (Hacked) and don't care.. Or they are criminals..
Well here's why..
You sign up, you get a number, they never change the caller ID to that number, it's always linked to the previous owner of the number.. Then that number is your inbound number, but it's more than one person's outbound number.. They appear to be selling the outbound numbers linked to people's accounts to scam artists, i constantly get calls from other MINT customer numbers, that are spoofed, when you call them back you generally get very confused people.. When you ask them if they use Mint, typically you get a yes, or they don't want to answer, which is fine too.. But i got about 20 calls a day from scam artists.. then i called MINT to complain.. the rest of the day was quiet.. Seems a little too coincidental to me..

I would avoid this company till they can fix that issue..
I called and reported it, but they pretended they didn't know what was happening..
My next call is to the FCC

Good luck..

6 replies

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I don't think it is a Mint Mobile issue. I was on Verizon and had robo callers spoofing using my number as an outbound number for calling others, it is a telemarketer/spam calling issue where they are more likely to try using what looks like a local number from the same provider to get people to answer thus why when answering or calling numbers back they appear to be mint customers.
Yep its not a Mint issue, its a scam/telemarketing issue that is out of control with no rules/regulations/systems of enforcement. Pick any carrier you'll get blasted with telemarketing calls anyway.

if you cant stand the telemarketing, port your # to something like iplum and enable automated attendant and get a new numebr on your cell, and forward iplum calls to that number.

Went from over 150 calls a month to 1 well worth $9.00 a month for iplum service + auto attendant.
This was happening to me on another carrier around the same time as OP's post. It was robo callers spoofing legitimate numbers. I had to return missed calls because it was my business number and they might have been potential new clients. The person on the other end always got angry and claimed they never called me. One girl texted a bunch of weak memes in retaliation assuming I was some kind of easily offended prudish boomer who had never been on the internet before. Kids these days...

It's definitely not a Mint thing. Hasn't happened in a long time.
Te funny thing is I actually pick up these robocalls, I tell them straight up to remove my number from their call list after listening to whatever offer. Doing this I've went from about 15 calls a week to about 1 every other week.
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Thing is, all of these make sense, but it's too coincidental to me that after i called to complain they should stop, I have since cancelled, no cell at all.. i rarely used it anyway and now just throw a fully charged flip phone in the glove box, if i need to call 911 it will work without service anyway.. Good luck everyone!

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