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  • 6 September 2018
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Well, I had a two week vacation to Colorado. . .Took my phone with Mint Mobile. . . .
My experience across the state of Kansas was extremely poor, and Colorado was even worse.
The only city my phone had a good enough contact on, was Pueblo.

After Pueblo, I had hundreds of miles of no contact. My wife had contact with her phone (which was Cricket) throughout the entire time. Even in the mountains, she had contact most all of the time.

Canon City, Salida, were both no go's for me, but for her, it was full coverage without any problems.
I give up. . .I have two months worth of service left for the 90 days. It is not even worth waiting for the
90 days to expire, I will be switching back to Cricket.

This service is good ONLY if you live IN a LARGE city, or NEAR a LARGE city. Anything outside is
a hit and miss situation.

I live in the country about 5 miles outside of Wichita. With Cricket I can make calls without any problem, with Mint Mobile, I cannot make a single call without getting dropped at least once. Many times, I will
not receive any calls, and find out that my phone doesn't ring because of no signal.

Is Mint Mobiie good? Yes, if you are near enough to a tower they support., and hopefully near a big
enough city that has one.

Many times, I would have 4 and 5 bars on my phone, but no Mint Signal. Thus, I am thinking (I do not know this) That 3G and LTE does not work with Mint Mobile. There were times that I had LTE service but Mint
would not allow me to use it.

I don't know if I can give away the remaining 2 months of service, but if I could, I will. It is way to much of a waste for me to stay on. . . .I can't get calls, I have very marginal signals at home, enough that if I use the
hot spot, I have to place my phone at a certain location in the house for it to work.


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I can understand what you're saying. The problem could be your phone, though. If it's only partially compatible with Mint, you can get a fairly normal signal in the city but then get poor or none when you're traveling, even in places which should have Mint coverage. I know I had a bad time with my coverage when traveling in central Pennsylvania earlier this year when I was using a partially-compatible phone.

I will say that Mint might not be the best option for people who do a lot of cross-state driving. For me, my days are mostly spend in or near large cities/suburban areas, even when traveling to see family, so Mint is a good option.

Keep in mind that if you go with Cricket, you could be paying about 40% more for a single account plan with the same data plan. You'll also be giving up a few things that Mint offers, such as mobile hotspot. That might or might not be worth it for you in exchange for added coverage.
I live near San Diego and recently took a trip to Mackinac Island. My phone did not work in Michigan for the 4 days I was there (on and off
However, after we deplaned in Las Vegas to change planes, my phone worked again, and and continued to function when I returned home.
Fortunately, I had a back-up phone on an Att prepaid plan, and it worked the whole time.
My phone worked great during the three month trail. Went way down hill when I signed up for six months. Lots of issues. Dropped calls. Friends saying when they call nothing happens, no voicemail, no connection, just hangs up. Poor texting. WiFi calling not working. Bummed