Why is the coverage map wildly inaccurate?

  • 13 May 2020
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I happily switched from Sprint to Mint mobile when I was in California. Now, a month later, I have moved to Missouri and am extremely dissatisfied. Prior to switching, I checked the coverage map to make sure Mint would work in my planned new location in Missouri and the map showed excellent coverage throughout the entire town! However, the reality is the service is so bad at my new work location, I get “no signal” throughout the entire downtown block, with 1 bar of LTE when I walk a block away. 


Is there anything that I can do to maybe reset the SIM or something to better reflect the coverage map or is the map simply a complete lie? I know Mint is using t-mobile infrastructure, so is the coverage map a future map when it will also allow the use Sprint towers? If so, when will this transition take place? Or is it my iPhone 6s causing the lack of coverage, like it is unable to access certain available frequencies? Or is there a roaming setting not working? Any help is greatly appreciated as my entry level plan is almost expired and I’m not sure I want to continue with Mint if I cannot get service at work.



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