wifi calling - is the prob my phone or mint?

  • 7 December 2019
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I’ve had my daughter on mint for 6 months using a One Plus 3.

We’ve consistently struggled to keep wifi calling working; which is vital since T Mobile does not have a presence here. 

I’d estimate that over the past 6 mos the service has worked less than 50% of the time. Now we’ve gone 3 days without service. I’ve rebooted, I hadn’t updated the OS but now I did in an effort to solve the issue (highlight - the problem existed prior to the update), I’ve been unable to locate the APN this time to see if it has somehow changed.

So my question is this: Is my headache with Mint or with the phone? Are others not experiencing this problem with other phones? If so, what less expensive model? Or is my problem with Mint’s functionality? In frustration I nearly got her a subscription to my higher priced plan today but ...

3 replies

I can’t even get my wifi calling to work. I would keep the service if that would work but even though it’s enabled on my account and my phone, it’s not working.

I just read somewhere on mint regarding only certain phones and models have the capability. On your mint account, there is an option to enable wifi call/text but then again I have a S8. Hope you find it and if not do a search on these forums regarding APN and data. Good luck!

It’s possible that the phone you are using doesn’t play well with WiFi calling. If you want to stick with Mintmobile, you might want to try one of the phones that Republic Wireless supports as they are a WiFi first mobile phone company. The list for older phones is buried so you may have to hunt for it on their web site. Your One Plus 3 is not on that list.

My personal experience with WiFi calling using a Motorola G5 Plus is that it works. However, I did need to reboot my phone after leaving and then reentering the WiFi network to get it to work. This may have been part of your problem in the past if you live in a large house, but it doesn’t sound like it’s what’s causing your current issue.

Other issues with WiFi calling may involve trying to use it when there are too many neighbors using the 2.4 Ghz frequency. Moving your router to a different channel may help, or try using 5 Ghz.