Disabling Voicemail

  • 11 August 2020
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I have an iPhone X. Its a great phone. I like Mint too, its a great service. But I have just discovered a problem - without me realizing it, there is a voicemail service that came with the Mint service, that unknown to me is saying “leave a message” to the people who are “Blocked Callers” on my iPhone. Well you can imagine the chaos this is causing…….. people thinking they are getting the message to me winding up severely disappointed, and in some instances….… well, imagine the rest.

I have phoned Mint tech support, and the first solution (dialing #796#) to toggle off the voicemail was a bust. Second call, shortly after came up with………..

So, if you can help me, please do. This is a work phone, changing the number is a “no go”, failing to respond to voice messages - even worse - sheeesh. :-) 

What is the magic to kill voice mail altogether? Tell me, tell me do..

1 reply

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Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Please send us a private message with your phone number, so that we can review the account.