How do I stop SMS messages from T-Mobile to download new My Visual Voicemail app

  • 3 February 2020
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I get several messages a day - especially any time I reboot the Android phone from “128” which is the T-Mobile message number. The message says:

Visual Voicemail Alert” A new version of My Visual Voicemail app is now available. To access your voicemail messages, you will need to download the latest version of the app. Download now:

Clicking on the link takes you to the Play store to download the app I already have. 

10 replies

I would say contact TMobile to remove your number from that "call list" in case it is from T-Mobile.

I simply blocked messages from “128”.

BTW: Does My Visual Voicemail work for you?

I don't use the app, visual voicemail comes integrated into my phone app that OnePlus has on its phones. I do get visual voicemails.

I’m having the exact same issue. Started coming from “128” the day my number ported to Mint (about 1 month ago). They come in at least once daily, and every time I reboot my phone.

Mint customer service believes this is a scam because their systems aren’t sending the text messages from their “6700” number. I disagree for two reasons:
1) I don’t believe Mint’s system is so seriously compromised that a scammer attained my number immediately after a successful port.
2) The link provided in the text message is to T-Mobile’s legitimate visual voicemail app on the legitimate Google play store (which is updated and working).

Since this seems something T-Mobile related, I’ve tried unsubscribing from their “promotional emails” which have not stopped the text messages. This seems tied to the phone number, specifically the SIM card as the issue also occurs whenever I reboot my phone. I can not inquire further with T-Mobile, as I do not have account credentials at T-Mobile, only a Mint account.

As a MVNO for T-Mobile, Mint needs to address this directly by first acknowledging that the issue actually exists, then providing their customers with the resources to rectify it if they can’t within their system. I’m clearly not the only one with this issue.

Same problem here... I get 3-5 of these messages a day and the sad part is that I've never even used visual voice mail. It's very annoying. My wife just activated her phone with Mint Mobile for the first time this past Monday and she got the message within 3 hours of activation.

Same problem. I posted a similar question on the forum today. I suppose I'll just block 128

Kyle470… how do you block it? I looked for an option to block it and didn’t see one.

On my Android, I went to phone, settings, blocked numbers and added 128.


We'll see if that helps.

I found the setting to block with your help… Thank You :hugging:

Same here. :rolling_eyes:  128 now blocked.