How often does Mint update Wi-Fi calling compatibility?

  • 11 January 2019
  • 4 replies

I have a Huawei Mate 20 X and I'd love to have Wi-Fi calling.

I'm posted up in the IT Department of a local hospital but our team offices are 2 floors below ground. I can't get Wi-Fi calls or Texts down here because there is simply no signal.

How often does Mint update their list to make devices compatible?

4 replies

I would like to know this as well. I really enjoyed Wifi Calling on my Moto X Pure/Style (XT1575) when I was with Republic Wireless (T-Mobile NVMO) and really needed it with poor reception indoors where I live. I have the feature enabled on my account, but does not work at all in practice.

I also tried using T-Mobile's "T-Mobile Booster CEL-FI-D32-24 Indoor 4G LTE Signal Booster" to negligible affect. WiFi Calling would be a great help to us.

Lg Stylo4 has wifi calling but not compatible with Mint. was working fine with Verizon, as TMobile network is patchy this is a very important feature to hold customers.

I have a BlackView BV8000 Pro - and it works very well in the VOWiFi mode.

According to their compatibility page [1], it lists June 2018.

My ‘Moto G5 Plus’ is compatible with Wifi calling through Mint Mobile, yet is not listed on that page.