International roaming

  • 7 March 2019
  • 3 replies

Has anyone purchased it and used it successfully? I bought 5 dollars of international roaming but my phone did not allow me to complete calls in Europe.

3 replies

Hi @anokul,

We're sorry that you had trouble making calls while you were in Europe. We were, unfortunately, experiencing some issues with our international roaming services at the time. We've recently emailed an apology to all the accounts that were impacted but if you haven't gotten one from us please, contact our Care team who will be happy to sort you out.
I just came back from three weeks in italy. During that time I purchase UpRoam data in the amount of $160. I was not able to make calls to the US. When I tried I would get an Italian operator recording which I assume said my call could not be completed. I did receive a few calls and many scam calls all from US numbers. Texting worked without a problem both in country and to & from the US. I kept data roaming off most of the time unless I was out of a WiFi area (hotels etc) and needed to look something up online or use Google maps. When using maps, roaming may have been on for an hour or more at a time. I had this same problem last year when I was in the DR for a week. I can't find any fee schedule for the UpRoam add on, and by that I mean how much per mb or gb. I fiund a reference to the fee charged reading some of the blog posting that refence $2 per mb. If accurate, that is outrageous and defeats the purpose of using a low cost no frills carrier. Especially since TM does not have the greatest coverage in the US to begin with,
I had the same problem when I was in Ontario a few weeks back. The worst part about MINT is the customer service. If you can deal with the lack of it entirely (no one emailed me about an issue 6 months ago, then you're good to go. Hard to beat the prices, seems like they spent all their money on the super bowl ads and now they can't keep up.