Is there a cap on texts even though Mint Mobile claims to be unlimited texts?

  • 22 January 2019
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I text a lot and noticed that towards the end of every month I start to get an error message whenever I try to send an sms (mms still works). The message says "Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active." My phone is completely compatible, I made sure to check my IMEI so there should be no issue. If there is a cap on texts it would be nice to know so I'm aware of how many texts I actually have without getting locked out of text messages with no notice. I have about another week until the new month starts and I'm assuming it will miraculously start working again. I've called customer support with no real help, I've also sent multiple emails and haven't even heard a response. Customer support needs some real improvement. I am still on the one month plan where I am paying $35 a month that's a lot of money to be paying for terrible service. I need answers please. Also if you are able to actually look into it again my ticket number is 3497762. I have sent all information that should be needed to solve the issue through email. Also I have plenty of data left for the month.

2 replies

IMEI doesn’t mean crap for compatibility, what it mainly checks for is for locked or blacklisted phones. As far as texting being slowed or blocked that would be hard to prove, carriers all have a abusive service clause in their TOS so that be the cause. My youngest daughter was sending between 5500/8000 per month with AT&T when we had them and I know she was close to the threshold, don’t think she sends anywhere that amount because she has grown up more and the novelty I am sure has worn off. Also consider the fact that if you send massive amounts of text a carrier may think you are a spammer and slow you down, monitor, and then prosecution.    

What plan do you have that cost 35 per month?