My Service Sucks

  • 13 January 2020
  • 3 replies

Since there seems to be absolutely no way to talk to a human being through this web site I will post this on here.  

I switched to Mint back in September and I am having consistent and repeated issues with both calls and text messages periodically not going through or being delayed - both initiating and receiving.  I have researched this issue online and found that there are a lot of others experiencing the same issues.  I’ve tried all the “fixes” and they haven't worked.  I can’t have a phone service where I can’t we sure that I can call or text when I need to, or where I have to worry that I’m not getting calls or texts.  


Since I can’t seem to find a human being to talk to, I am switching my phone service.  Can anyone tell me how to cancel my plan with Mint?



3 replies

Don’t have auto pay enabled and just let the plan expire.

I have had Mint Sim for 2 years now. Their service is the most awful service I’ve ever experienced. i went with them because I am poor, and I’ve just had enough. A competitor website….one at starts with the letter A and ends with the letter T….has the ampersand in the middle...the & sign...yeah, them. I found out they offer the same type of service for only $15 as well. The offer expires in a week, though. Yeah, I know bummer. But they do have another offer if you pay in bulk. It’s like $300 a year and you get a big data package each month. $300 a year translates to $25 a month. Not bad for ATTs great sevice. Mint just really sucks. Constantly dropped calls. People would call and then 5 seconds into call...poof! gone. Like what the hell??? Yeah, bye mint sim. I just bought my new plan, and I will not miss you. Finally free of these mint shackles for good!!

800-683-7392 is Mint’s customer service number.