New customer but getting junk calls & text from previous customer

  • 3 January 2019
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Just got mint mobile. Google the number gave the name & address of previous user of the number. I'm getting all types of spam calls & text for the previous user. They even use her name sometimes but this is spam, not someone who knows the previous user.

This must be a common problem. Mint mobile should have a feature to block all calls & text not in a white list.

5 replies


On newer devices you have the option to block number. Look at your device manual to see if your device has that feature.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Mint Mobile Support

Hi, Royce.

I'm having this same problem - getting the former Mint phone # owner's phone calls and texts and have done the whole call blocking, etc. stuff. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN when I used the Trial SIM Card. I now wish I would have kept that number and recommend any Mint Customer reading this post to do so if they can AND ONLY IF they are not getting the former owner's stuff.

Also, this is reported to be from cell phone providers, like Mint, T-Mobile, etc., not allowing enough time before recycling the previous owner's deactivated phone number. 90 days is supposed to be the "legal" amount of time, but one company in particular recycles them as soon as a week and I believe you are on their network?!

Customers shouldn't have to continually have to block the former owner's calls and texts, put the phone on "Do Not Disturb", or anything else. Numbers should be recycled at the least every 90 days or longer.

As well, such a practice of recycling phone numbers so quickly could probably lead to Identity Theft, etc. There has to be a better way of dealing with this situation.

For my part, I make sure to unsubscribe from text messages, along with keeping a list of whomever I give my cell number to so I can update them appropriately. Unfortunately, not everyone does that.

So please, if Mint is in the habit of recycling old phone numbers less than 90 days, many of us would appreciate it if you got into that habit.

As it now stands, I'm considering going back to another competitor because they waited the full 90 days. AND... they contacted me to let me know they were going to be recycling my old phone number AND gave me several days to either go back to them or let go of that old number. This would also give someone enough time to make sure they squared up their accounts with their most current phone number if they hadn't done so already if they decided not to go back to this company.

Thanks very much.
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On newer devices you have the option to block number. Look at your device manual to see if your device has that feature.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Mint Mobile Support
agree. same problem here...
This is not only an issue about the numbers being recycled... It is an issue about Mint selling the activated numbers immediately at activation to 3rd party spammers. This is how they can offer such deep discounts on the same service as the "big carriers". I personally feel as if the spam onslaught is too much even in consideration of their cheap prices. I came into this relationship with Mint thinking it was going to be great service at a great price; however, the price I pay in the persistent daily calls from spam numbers and even texts trying to lure me to click malicious links... This is too much. I will pay a little more for piece of mind and peace and quiet from spammers.

Mint, this will be your fatal flaw if you continue to allow your customers to be harassed by robodialers and robotexters. Yes you can block and report these numbers, but you still get calls and texts from other numbers. Imagine how many combinations of numbers these spammers can use, they know it's impossible to block them all.

Let's think "PROACTIVELY" instead of "reactively".

I guess thats why i have had to block over 30 telemarketers in 2 days sense i activated my account. They

started the moment it was activated. I just got another text. subject: no subject, under group message

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