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  • 20 April 2019
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Seeing as Android Messages supports RCS now and carriers have been rolling it out I was wondering what is Mint Mobile's plan for RCS? RCS inside of Android Messages, for those that don't know, would work sort of like how iMessages works on iOS. Messages would attempt to be sent over both sms channels and data. If there was no SMS signal it would try to send the message over data. No data signal? It would try to send it over sms.

It seems to be a pretty widespread support issue with the TMobile Network/Mint/Ultra that a lot of phones simply cannot send or receive MMS messages over Wifi and this is a pretty big issue. Having Mint Mobile feature RCS would alleviate these issues and all of those complaints and support threads trying to fix MMS over Wifi would go away and Mint would be viewed even more highly than it is now. So, are there are plans to bring RCS to Mint Mobile?

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