Roaming in New Zealand

  • 14 December 2018
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Headed for New Zealand in January. Anyone have experience with using the international roaming there? Will get a local sim for one of our hones but would be handy for some family members to contact us on our US number.

7 replies

I don't have any experience with intl roaming on Mint Mobile myself, but I would suggest not to put the money in the roaming wallet until you get top NZ and verify that your sim can be registered on the local network. If it does, then most likely you can roam successfully. You can check this by disabling Wifi and going to Settings->About phone->Sim status (or something similar). Check for the Network name (should be a local NZ one), Service state, Roaming and Mobile network state. If you see that everything is in service and mobile network is connected, then add some money to roaming ($5) and try to make calls / use data.

Also, it is a good idea to get a Google Voice number and use it with Hangouts app. This way, you will always have a US-based number no matter where you are. This way, you can actually buy a cheap local sim and use its mobile data to make and receive calls in Hangouts. This might actually be even better because you will have a US (google voice) number and a local NZ number, so local people can ring you up too. If you only go with Mint roaming, NZ folks will have to pay intl charges to reach you.
Thanks for the ideas. We will have one phone on a local SIM for local calls we will need to make while there and the other we will try using Intl. Roaming w/Mint while there. We'll post our experience after we try it out.
Arrived Mew Zealand and got a text message saying Welcome to New Zealand with your T-Mobile acct and it gave me their phone number to call but my settings do not show me connected to any local carrirer. Help please Mont Mobile.
Hmm, how did you receive a text message if you were not connected to any local carriers?
Yeah, go figure. I have received emails from TMobile and mint telling me they know there are issues with roaming in New Zealand . Big waste of $5.00 I put in the international roaming wallet.
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I've been on many threads regarding International Roaming not working on Mint (all over the World) looking for a solution. The consensus here, on Reddit, on Facebook, etc is that it doesn't really work...
So, Back in the US and I phoned Mint and asked for a refund of the $5 +tax I put in the international roaming wallet. It was credited back to my credit card.