Service Outage

  • 15 June 2020
  • 6 replies

I noticed that I am not receiving text messages and am suddenly not able to make or receive phone calls. I tried to call the Mint 800 number and it says that “all circuits are busy”. Is there a place to check for outages?

6 replies

Same issue here. 

I did get an email from the company I work for stating that there is a massive outage that is impacting carriers nationwide. So, I assume Mint is affected by this.

I have had what appeared to be very good service for about a year now… a few times where service was not available.  However, today I can not even get my cell phone to ring with calling it.   My other phone dials it and I hear nothing.  I’ve had clients email saying they can’t reach me, either NO RING just a busy signal or nothing happens when dialing my number. Help with this is appreciated.

My Family cannot contact each other, either by Calling or Texting one another on our phones. We can how ever, call people who do not have Mint-Moblil service. Need this fixed

Running into the same issues. Went online to check out status, found out that Mint uses T-Mobile services AND that T-mobile is experiencing a service outrage right now. So Mint is not to blame, but rather we should keep checking on T-Mobile’s status

This has been a recurring problem with Mint for a while. The problem is caused by T-mobile and their technical changes to 5G. T-mobile's problem becomes Mint's problem and causes the problems Mint customers are having. The day after the massive problems with t-mobile in the US, German newspapers were full of reports. (T-mobile is a German company. They serve many German customers.) There were significant service problems with t-mobile in Germany, as well. T-mobile denied any connections between the problems. No one in Germany believed there is no connection. The German news reports predict recurring problems with t-mobile over an extended time period. They believe that t-mobile denies the problems out of fear of losing customers to the competition.