Voicemail in Spanish?

  • 26 January 2020
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My son was playing with his phone, and somehow managed to change the voicemail menus to Spanish.  I speak no Spanish, and I’m not able to understand the menus to put it back to English.  I’ve found the recommendations of pressing *, then 4, then 7, but that hasn’t worked for me.  Can someone tell me how to put it back to English, or is Mint support able to do this for me?  Thanks!

3 replies

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Hey! I’m sorry to heatr that you’re having issues with the voicemail language. I’ve sent you a private message to review the account as soon as possible. 

Dear Mint Mobile Cares,

I am having this same issue.

My voicemail is stuck on Spanish.


I can’t seem to change it.


I figured it out.


* 4 7




I just had to make sure I was able to get into my Voice mail first by accurately putting in the voicemail password.

Once I was at the main prompt I typed * 4 7.  And I was able to switch it back.​to English.