Voicemail not responding to keypad commands

  • 8 January 2020
  • 4 replies

Today I accessed my voicemail and although I can hear my voicemails, I can’t seem to take any action on them; the keypad commands to delete or save are entirely ignored no matter when I push them. Anyone else having this problem?

4 replies

I am having the same problem today. Yesterday when I called my voicemail, I could use the keypad numbers to save/delete/etc. Everything seemed to be working. When I called voicemail this morning, the keypad tones were no longer working. I tried changing the DTMF tone in my phone settings from ‘Normal’ to ‘Long’ but that did not seem to make any difference. 

Because of this, I can only listen to the first voicemail in my box. It won’t play any additional voicemails, it just turns off after the first one if I don’t make a selection on the keypad. 

I had this frustrating problem yesterday but today I was able to delete the voicemail from yesterday.

Having that exact problem

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Having that exact problem

Hi! sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with the voicemail service. I've sent you a DM requesting some information to assist you as soon as possible.