Voicemail notifications

  • 17 May 2018
  • 3 replies

I am running iOS 11.3.1

When I check settings, general, about, carrier, it reads “Carrier 32.1”. If I click on that, it reads IMS status “Voice & SMS”. It does not offer the option to update.

3 replies

Hello Guys, I fixed the problem, you need download (You Mail App) and then your voicemail comes very easy and funny, and work very good for me much better of iPhone Original voicemail App.

Mint mobile does not support voicemail notifications on iPhones.
So my wife and I both have the same type of iPhone (6S with iOS 12). One of us got the visual voicemail and the other did not. The one that did not got the same Carrier 32.1 in IMS status. What gives?