Voicemail service working incorrectly

  • 20 February 2020
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I was suddenly alerted with a push notification that I had a voicemail. I opened the voicemail page on my phone and it said I had 0 voicemails. I dialed my voicemail system and I had 3 voicemails ranging from today (which I did not get a call for despite having perfect service), all the way back to almost a month ago.


If this is an easy fix, how do I go about fixing this?

If not, how am I supposed to contact Mint customer support? There are no contact buttons on the entire website and their social media teams haven’t responded yet either! My Mint service has been pretty good up until now, and I can’t even figure out how to get customer support! Pretty irritating.

3 replies

7 days a week 5AM-7PM PST at 800-683-7392 Mint support.

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Hi! sorry to hear that you are experiencing a service issue. I've sent you a DM requesting some information to assist you as soon as possible.

After porting my T-Mobile number to Mint I was unable to access voicemail (same issue as described above: 

Having the same problems. I call my number, or hold down the number 1 on my keypad- takes me to voicemail, It asks me if I have a mailbox on the system to press the star key. I do that and it says that the number is not recognized. It asks if I want to leave a message for another number - type in the number and it does not recognize me. There is clearly a glitch with voicemail set up in Mint's system.I tried #793# and that did not work either. I tried calling 805-637-7456, as directed by the online chat on Mint, but that brought me to the same menu and problem I had before...asking me to press star if I have a mailbox on the system, but it does not recognize my number. 


There seems to be several problems with the carriers (vs MVNO’s like Mint) removing the number and also the voicemail ‘box’ from their system.  While these issues are worked on/corrected by Mint and tech support from T-Mobile, I recommend AS A WORKAROUND (an alternate way to accomplish something) to use the settings in your phone to forward calls when they aren’t answered to a Google Voice number.  Those settings would be found under ‘call settings’, and include call forwarding, call waiting, etc.

A Google Voice number is free and included if you have a Gmail account.  You can access the voicemail from your mobile phone, the Google Voice app on your mobile phone, a landline phone, or even your computer via the website.  There are many settings including blocking numbers, etc so it’s best if you take a look at the product/features for yourself at