"We're sorry... Something bad happened and we weren't able to fix it ourselves. Please go back and try again.".....

  • 18 April 2020
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why does this pop up when I try to check almost anything ?…. ie: check data balance, or every step during registration, changing any preferences ect….

just about anything where there’s a button to click.. you get the page with the little rocket, then the “we’re sorry” page… 

as often as not, if I navigate back then forward, then reload page, the change will show, but other times, even after the new choice/setting is in place, next time I come to website it has reverted back to what it was before

when i first started, I had to do everything through the chat… couldn’t even enter my info or choose a password for my account because it just kept giving me the “we’re sorry” at every step in the process……. something is wrong with the website functionality

0 replies

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