Mint service turned horrible as soon as I renewed, and the customer service is painful. Can I cancel?

  • 11 March 2019
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I renewed my service as well as my wife's service, and for some reason they charged my card twice for my renewal. I called customer service (who had trouble hearing me over their own network) and told them to cancel the charges. They said they would do that, and then sent me an email asking for more information within 48 hours or they would cancel my request. Luckily I saw their email, and gave them the info (CC last 4 and zip code and such, which they already have). Then they sent me _another_ email with the same crap.

Finally, they canceled the charge that was used to recharge my wife's phone, and as a consequence, she has been without service for the last 2 days. I tried calling them and they just "can't hear me". When I asked for the supervisor, they disconnected my call. This is comcast levels of abysmal customer service, and I'm done with it. How do I get my recharge and duplicate charge back so I can find another provider?

3 replies

It's unbelievably bad. I've tried for a month now to get help for my phone from tech support. It takes them days to respond and they just seem to be happy with leaving you hanging without getting things back up and running. It's really a joke but I guess you get what you pay for.

Good luck with finding the customer service phone number on the website.

At this point I'm worried I won't be able to cancel my service and just cut my losses.

It's really, really bad. Sheesh!
I've been trying to reach someone to get my acct number so I can port out because I am so irritated but of course there is no one around, so now I will have to change my number. So. Irritating.
To get a human, go to settings >cellular > Carrier Services > and tap 611