My customer service experience with Mint

  • 20 January 2019
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I called Mint customer service support on 01/19/2019 to get help on why I couldn't access my data or make phone calls after activating my new service. I had explained every thing to the employee on the phone and told him that under my mobile network it says disconnected and I also told him that my phone is equipped with five different network types including LTE. After explanation and proving the info he needed, the employee put me on a brief hold and came back stating that my phone is not compatible. I assured him that before I made my Mint purchase that was the first thing I checked and that my phone is listed under your list of compatible phones. He told me that my phone was on the wrong network. I told him my phone automatically set to the right network once the service is connected. We went back and forth with the same discussion and he started to raise his voice or should I say that tone of his voice changed. After frustration, I ended up hanging up on him.

After hanging up, I went on the to find out what I needed to do. Upon entering my Mint data port manually my phone was up and running within two minutes. I just wanted to mention that employee failed to mention or ask me if i had manually tire to enter the Mint data port info and failed to walk me though the process instead of repeatedly telling me that my phone is incompatible.



1 reply

I think telling you phone is incompatible is their way of making calls short. I've been on phone with tech support at least 4 times trying to get them to complete the port in from Unreal Mobile because SMS service is not working. Each time, the tech told me my phone is not compatible.
However, I know that is a totally false statement because I was using Mint before porting out to try Unreal Mobile and had no problems with text messages.
Trying Unreal Mobile was HUGE mistake so I ported back to Mint. But the port hasn't been completed in full so I cannot send or receive SMS messages.
It's been 3 weeks now and no resolution yet.
I did my own troubleshooting to see if it was indeed a compatibility problem. I bought a Mint trial SIM card.
Popped it in phone, was given a phone number, and NO PROBLEM sending or receiving SMS via new phone #. When I went back to SIM with my phone #, same problem - no SMS service.
I DO NOT want to give up my phone #. May have to just go to another carrier but then no guarantee SMS issue won't follow me.
Hopefully someone out there - or dare I hope, a Mint tech - has figured out how to correct this issue.