Roaming in the Carribean

  • 23 February 2019
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On the Mint web page most countries in the Carribean are listed as roaming.

When I arrived to Trinidad (listed) Roaming did not work. Contacted Mint support. They tried to explain that I had the wrong settings or did not switch off the phone in the right way when leaving US. Complete bullshit answers. They never asked my question who there roaming partner is in Trinidad.

Sailed to Grenada.(listed) Phone did not work there either. Same bullshit answer from the support.

Sailed to St.Wincent and then to St.Lucia. (Both listed) Phone did not work and I did not contact Support.

When I arrived in Martinique the phone magically worked! Martinique is a french island. I did not change any settings. It just started working by itself.

Then off to Dominica. Phone did not work. No settings was changed.

3 days later it worked again when I arrived to Guadeloupe. Also a French island. Phone worked again with the same settings as in the previous countries.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mint does not have an roaming agreement with Trinidad, Grenada, St.Wincent, St. Lucia and Dominica even if they are listed on their web page. And to make it worse Mint support try to cover the truth when the customer contacts them. I find that very upsetting as it just creates more frustration.

Will be interesting to see if it will work in Antigua?

1 reply

I am going to Tahiti, which is part of French Polynesia, but neither is listed as a roaming country. I will take my Minty Hydrogen One and see if it ‘magically’ works in paradise.