SMS stops working until I send a text

  • 9 April 2020
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So I’ve noticed two new things which may be related:

  1. sometimes at random times during the day I write a text message and hit send and it stays in limbo for a while (sometimes like 2 minutes) until it actually sends
  2. Lately at night I only receive a text if I send a text. I ask friends to text when they get home (leaving from my house) and long after they left I text asking if all is well and only the second I hit “send” I get their text saying they’re home. Typically I’m like asking “so … it’s been a while, did you make it” which is when I get a text saying “yeah, we texted saying we were home like 30 min ago”… but I only got that text the second I hit “send” on mine. 

Not sure if the two are related but why is this happening?


2 replies

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Hi! We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the SMS service. We’ve sent you a private message to look into the case as soon as possible. 

I am having similar issues...