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  • 2 January 2020
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Why doesn’t the wallet balance get updated after making international calls?

I don’t want to be stuck with a huge bill if I’ve used all of the wallet balance. Since I last refilled the wallet, the balance showing in the account has been stuck at $5.18.

  • When I review the International Call History, it shows the calls I’ve made, but under the Cost column, it usually says $0.00.
  • There are some calls where the Duration column matches up correctly with the Cost column since the per min rate to the country I call is 1¢ /MIN.

I called customer service a while back and they said this issue is temporary, and it should start showing the correct balance after each call, but it is still not showing the correct wallet balance.


2 replies

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Hi @a.k ,

Rest assured, you will never be stuck with a huge bill with us. Since it is a prepaid service, we do not issue bills and all services we offer is prepaid. Once your wallet balance is depleted, the international calls will stop working until you refill your wallet. Please send us a private message if your wallet balance is still not updated.


Thank you.

Mint Mobile 

Message sent, thanks.