Was charged twice

  • 6 January 2019
  • 2 replies

I was charged for a 1 month 1G ending at $22
and then paid for the 3G 3 month plan after my phone didn’t work. This was about the time they were getting rid of the one month plan, both my mint transaction history and my bank account say the same thing. I was charged for both a day apart.

2 replies

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Can you send an email to, that way we can get the necessary information for the refund.

Mint Mobile Support
I had same problem. Called first time, made me wait for 45 minutes and promised refund, and activate. Still phone is not activated. I called in 2nd time, and they told me there is no record so there's no refund, and there's no record of any transaction, then told me to send bank proof. I told them this is ridiculous because they charged me!.

Still have a non functioning phone.
Still got charge twice for $157.

I'm calling my bank for chargeback!