Weak signal at home

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Cellspot is not working for me, i bought this device few days ago but the device has to be registered with tmobile.

I've attached a link for the best booster that would work for you.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

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Royce can you confirm a few things? People are saying that this only works if the device has been activated by someone with a tmobile subscription.
Second, how about using the 4G LTE cellspot v1/v2 that doesnt need reception but just wifi, would that work? Aight im checking your link again and it seems this is actually what you are suggesting. So its not a range extender but your own cell phone tower. Still reading it needs activation though.
Hi there, with the signal booster, it's self-configuring, install-true plug and play. No professional installation and cabling needed. We do recommend checking T-Mobile's coverage map beforehand to see if there is fair TMobile coverage in the area to boost.

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Does the signal booster work with Mint?
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Yes, it does!