Cannot group text

  • 13 September 2018
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My text messages have recently given me errors if i group text. It has been working for months so im not sure what the problem is.

The only solution i have found that works is to remove the simcard wait a few seconds then incert it. This will allow me to text groups for a few minutes but then it will stop again.

Resetting network settings, and apn settings does nothing.

Im out of options and need this fixed.


3 replies

I entered tmobiles apn settings and that appeared to fix the problem. Only time will tell how long.
Unfortunatly while this works I now have lost hotspot.

I need a working solution.
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Hey mintles,

This should be resolved with the next iPhone software update coming shortly. Please reach out to us if this is still a concern after the update.

Nicole, Mint Mobile