I keep getting someone else's texts and calls

  • 21 April 2020
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I’m been using Mint for nearly a year now, and problems with getting calls from strangers still haven’t abated like I thought they would when I first got my Mint SIM card. I used to receive texts and calls for several other people who seem to have had my number before--that didn’t faze me, as it’s expected when you change numbers that others might not have informed all their contacts. Over time, it seems people got the message that the intended recipients had changed their numbers, except for one person, “Jack.” I get the most frequent texts and calls aiming to reach Jack--some seem to be Jack’s actual friend’s, some are Jack’s union or Jack’s employer, and some are just outright scammers trying to dupe Jack into buying some product or another. I have always tried to inform the real people trying to contact Jack that they’ve got the wrong number.

A couple months ago, I got a call--and it wasn’t asking for Jack, it WAS Jack (or Jack’s wife). The two of them seemed to be an older couple who were having trouble getting their MetroPCS number to work. They had been missing calls from their contacts and wanted to figure out why. I tried to tell them that I’d been getting their calls--when strangely enough they told me that they had recently CHANGED their my number. Apparently MetroPCS had given them the number I had already received from Mint! But then again, Jack’s wife told me they had only had the new number for a month or so (which would have been 3-4 months from the time of this post), and that really wouldn’t explain at all why I was getting texts for them since last year. Really I have no idea, but they also had no idea either. Also based on the conversation I overheard between them, I’m not sure that Jack and his wife are on the same page about when or why they got this phone number. 

They assured me that they would go to MetroPCS and sort out the issue, but as for keeping in contact about the issue, the only number they gave me own, which they were sure was theirs as well. I wasn’t able convince them to give me another way to contact them. I still don’t know how they called me! Anyway, since then, I still get texts trying to sell them weed or inform them of a new union policy or even give them their work schedule for the week. It concerns me that valuable information might not be reaching them--and I’m really tired of getting their communications! I’m also concerned that I might not be receiving all my own texts--though I don’t seem to have had that problem yet. 

I’d like to know what on Earth is going on. I don't even know what kind of problem this is. 


Has anyone solved an issue like this? Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Both Metro and Mint lease service from T-Mobile, I know, but why would phone numbers get repeated?


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