Intermittently Failing to Receive SMS Messages

  • 9 July 2019
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I signed up for Mint a few months ago, and I've noticed that I fail to receive text messages from all of my contacts at seemingly random intervals. I've told my friends and family to call me if they don't see a response to a text message in roughly 24 hours, and several times a month someone will let me know that they sent a text on a given date and time and will show me the log on their end showing it going through, but nothing will ever come through on my end.

I've tried to troubleshoot it every way I can imagine, and have confirmed that it has nothing to do with the length of the message (whether short or long), SMS vs MMS, the sender being on Android vs iOS, or the carrier the sender is on (have confirmed failures from both T-Mobile and Verizon). It appears to be utterly arbitrary whether any given text will make it through or not. I don't text a ton, so I don't have a large data set to go off of, but it appears roughly 5-10% of incoming texts in a given month don't ever show up.

I didn't have this issue previously when I was on a standard T-Mobile account, so it seems odd that I would experience issues with a T-Mobile MVNO, but it's starting to become enough of an issue that I'm considering moving back to a traditional carrier, even with the significant costs involved.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, and, if so, how did you go about resolving it?

1 reply

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Hey there, we're very sorry to hear that you're experiencing this and we'd like to connect with you so we can look further into this issue. If you haven't already, please contact our support team so they could help troubleshoot. You can reach us by calling https://tel:213-372-7777 or emailing