International Roaming

  • 27 December 2018
  • 3 replies

I've been trying to use roaming in Toronto for the past day with no avail. I can receive texts but everytime I try to text back I get a message saying 'message blocking is active'. I cannot make or receive calls and data isn't available either. This is really frustrating as I have over $20 in my UpRoam account. How can I activate my roaming? This is pretty urgent.

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3 replies

I am also in Toronto and am experiencing the same issue. I can receive texts, but cannot send texts. I also receive the message "Message blocking is active" when attempting to send texts. I also cannot make or receive calls, and can also not use data. I have $10 of UpRoam credit that appears in my online account.
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Can you both DM me your phone numbers?
I'm in Montreal and experiencing the same 😞 I have 5$ in International Roaming Credits