Mintmobile International Roaming Scam / Needs Class Action Lawsuit

  • 6 April 2019
  • 2 replies

I've lived overseas more than 10 years and have had a lot of experience with international roaming services t-Mobile, ATT, Verizon, Vodafone, CSL, Singtel etc. It's always switch on the phone and the phone/services sort things out in a few minutes. I added $40 to my Mintmobile Roam account which states its super "F*!xing easy". Here I am in the Dominican Republic and ZERO service. What makes this a scam? Simple the mint rep (trouble ticket# 3827750) states in order for the service to work I have to #1 put the phone in airplane mode prior to departure (which by the way I did) #2 switch off airplane mode upon arrival and #3 turn on the international roaming and data roaming. "If you did not do this then you cannot use the service". SO tell me where exactly are these "Super F!*xing easy" instructions" on the Mintmobile website??? There is ZERO indication that if you miss a step that your service will be rendered inoperable until you return back to the USA. By the way I did follow these steps as a basic course of action when I fly and still no service, Also never ever have I heard of "if you don't switch on airplane mode... your service is completely inop for the entire trip.

I have requested that my $40/USD roam credit be refunded which I am expecting VERY quickly. I would like to see Mintmobile who I believe is Ultra who in turn is t-Mobile remove this service as advertised from the website or face potential Class Action Lawsuit for false advertisement.

2 replies

Agree, Mint is misleading by not having these very specific instructions available. I paid for international roaming on a trip to Canada> I must have missed the airplane mode, I powered off for the flight then powered on and switched to international and roaming. I could Tried everything, phone was useless unless in wifi area.
Works well enough in the states, but... agree that the international roaming is a scam. I've been to India and Italy, both countries on "the list", in the past 3 months and while my phone will connect to the Mint network, it will cannot place a call or text or access the internet. Multiple customer service reps have told me that the problem is with the towers in the area where I am traveling. This is a lie. I am in urban areas with tons of cell coverage, and... I used to have T-mobile (same network) and when I visited these same cities before, it worked flawlessly. I have now scoured the internet and have yet to find one person who has verified that they got international roaming to work with Mint Mobile. I am now considering opening a fraud case with the Los Angeles police department (where Mint Mobile is based).