No group message or mms to android

  • 8 July 2018
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I have an iPhone 5s and I can’t communicate with group texts that include Android users. I also can’t send pictures/mms to any android phone or receive them. Apple’s customer service advised to check that I could do these things since this is a pay as you go plan.

5 replies

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Try this:
Thanks, raino. That worked for the Mms part I think.
Still can’t get group texts though. Any help there?
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@Keller sorry, I don't use iPhones, but I do know that some phones treat group messages as MMS, so there's probably a tie-in to MMS--either on the network end or device end.
A recent update to (Android) Messages appears to have reset a setting for many folks that causes group messages to go out as multiple SMS messages rather than as one MMS. You may see the error message: “This Conversation is now a mass text. Each recipient will get an SMS message from you. Replies will appear in individual conversations.”
The fix for this issue is easy:
  1. Open Messages
  2. Click the three stacked dots on the top right (on the main page where all conversations are shown)
  3. Select Settings, then Advanced
  4. The top item in the Advanced menu is the Group Message behavior. Tap it and change it to “Send an MMSreply to all recipients (group MMS)”.
Just want to relay what worked for me. I tried all this stuff and still didn't work for MMS or group SMS (which is as MMS from my phone).

  1. APN type: There are four APN types — generic, supl, mms and wap. These vary from carrier to carrier. If you experience issues with official setup instructions, “generic” is always a good default setting.
So I changed the official instruction recommendation of APN type: 'default,supl,mms' to 'generic' - saved - restarted my phone - and it works!