Poor service the minute I commit to 1 year

  • 11 May 2018
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Made excuses for this coincidence but after changing phones to exact same model as well as different brands but phone only gets 2 bars at best. Literally happened once payment was processed. After reading on here I have reason to believe that I went from premium towers to economy. Total bullshit if that's the case.

Save screen shots if you're new to mint. They will come in handy during the refund process.

7 replies

For me, the service was mediocre throughout the year with periods of good use, but I always had service, regardless of weather! At 2 months out from my annual anniversary, my service suddenly degraded severely, for no reason. It's unusable. Support says "they verified the account and confirmed everything is fine."

So, I'll be moving on..
I started with the 3-month intro, then purchased the 12-month plan, It's been just over a year of using mintsim and I haven't noticed any change of service. Been pretty solid the entire time I've had it.

I dunno why you're having problems, but that is frustrating. Mint should probably drop in here and answer 😕
I am due to renew in 2 weeks. Waiting for mint to chime in here. Do they really have such a thing as economy towers?
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Hello everyone, we do not have economy towers and could you let us know what type of device you're using? Device compatibility and staying up to date with your device software is important as well that contributes towards the service, along with coverage area. - Mint Mobile Support
I am switching between the Pixel 2 XL and the OnePlus 6.
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I am due to renew in 2 weeks. Waiting for mint to chime in here. Do they really have such a thing as economy towers?

Economy towers lol. Our coverage is poorer because like other MVNOs we don't get off-network coverage (domestic roaming)--not even voice or text. Plus we have lower priority in the TMO pecking order: if there's congestion, our data is de-prioritized before TMO prepaid/Metro PCS and TMO postpaid customers'. If there's no congestion, no problem; speeds used to be capped around 20mbps, but even that's gone now.

On-network coverage should be comparable to other carriers on the TMO network, though.
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I just committed to a 12-month plan after being on a three-month trial plan. Using the same location, I tested my speeds during the trial and then today on my new plan, and you can see the results below. No noticeable difference.