Roaming is not working in Canada

  • 31 December 2018
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I moved to mint mobile to be able to use roaming, but roaming doesn't work.

9 replies

Same problem here. When I called yesterday morning I was told there was some server problem that would be resolved "in a couple of hours". Roaming still isn't working for me (in Kingston, ON). Can confirm that I have a roaming balance.
Bought the "UpRoam" add-on ... Got nothing.
Still doesn't work. Any update @Mint? Will there be roaming in Canada or is this gone for good?
Roaming is not working for me either, and I added $10 to my UpRoam account. Please help!

I enabled data roaming on my phone.
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After almost two weeks of trying to work with technical support by email and phone, I finally received a firm answer to this problem.

Although I have gone back and forth between Canada and the US several times prior to December and my international roaming has worked seamlessly during that time, I have now learned from Mint tech support that at the present time Mint has no prepaid roaming partners in Canada. I believe this is because T-Mobile has only postpaid roaming partners and mint is prepaid. As a result there is no international roaming, probably in all of Canada, but certainly in downtown Toronto where I am located for the next several months.

My mint phone can receive text messages and I get notification of voicemail, but I can neither send a text message nor make a phone call. That would be available to me even if I didn't have international roaming. As a stopgap measure, I'm using my Google voice account to place calls to the US and send text messages. Bummer all around and worse, Mint is marketing and charging for a product that in fact does not exist, at least temporarily. not only did I pay for international roaming, but I bought a full year of mint mobile thinking that it was an excellent solution for a lot of cross-border travel.
You may try to turn off your cell then turn on. Roaming seems work to me for calling but not txt msg. I can txt in What'sup.

I am new customer from mint mobile. I bought $10 for roaming before going to Canada. When I came back to US, Balance is about %5.60 for only two days.

I only made one phone call in about 2 mins. and checked a couple of times in chat tools. I cant find where to check the history of calling charge or how much data I used in Canada in my account. Not sure if Mint mobile has this roaming history data tracking that Customer can review it?
fyi. roaming worked in montreal for me this summer: data/SMS. i didn't makes calls

roaming in downtown toronto does not work for me. In financial district

Also no wifi calling in toronto via mint, it just closes down even though i’m connected to hotel wifi