Roaming is not working in Canada

  • 31 December 2018
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I moved to mint mobile to be able to use roaming, but roaming doesn't work.

7 replies

fyi. roaming worked in montreal for me this summer: data/SMS. i didn't makes calls
You may try to turn off your cell then turn on. Roaming seems work to me for calling but not txt msg. I can txt in What'sup.

I am new customer from mint mobile. I bought $10 for roaming before going to Canada. When I came back to US, Balance is about %5.60 for only two days.

I only made one phone call in about 2 mins. and checked a couple of times in chat tools. I cant find where to check the history of calling charge or how much data I used in Canada in my account. Not sure if Mint mobile has this roaming history data tracking that Customer can review it?
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After almost two weeks of trying to work with technical support by email and phone, I finally received a firm answer to this problem.

Although I have gone back and forth between Canada and the US several times prior to December and my international roaming has worked seamlessly during that time, I have now learned from Mint tech support that at the present time Mint has no prepaid roaming partners in Canada. I believe this is because T-Mobile has only postpaid roaming partners and mint is prepaid. As a result there is no international roaming, probably in all of Canada, but certainly in downtown Toronto where I am located for the next several months.

My mint phone can receive text messages and I get notification of voicemail, but I can neither send a text message nor make a phone call. That would be available to me even if I didn't have international roaming. As a stopgap measure, I'm using my Google voice account to place calls to the US and send text messages. Bummer all around and worse, Mint is marketing and charging for a product that in fact does not exist, at least temporarily. not only did I pay for international roaming, but I bought a full year of mint mobile thinking that it was an excellent solution for a lot of cross-border travel.
Roaming is not working for me either, and I added $10 to my UpRoam account. Please help!

I enabled data roaming on my phone.
Still doesn't work. Any update @Mint? Will there be roaming in Canada or is this gone for good?
Bought the "UpRoam" add-on ... Got nothing.
Same problem here. When I called yesterday morning I was told there was some server problem that would be resolved "in a couple of hours". Roaming still isn't working for me (in Kingston, ON). Can confirm that I have a roaming balance.