SIM Not Provisioned

  • 30 January 2020
  • 3 replies

While I was in the middle of a phone call at home, I lost the call and got a notification saying the SIM is not provisioned on the network. I’ve tried rebooting my phone and reinserting the SIM card with no success. My account looks to be in good standing and others with T-Mobile service in my household are having no issues. Does anyone know if there’s an outage? Does someone from Mint have to re-provision the sim?

3 replies

Quick update: It made be coincidence, but I disabled WiFi calling to trigger an update to my account, waited a few minutes, and reinserted my SIM card and everything is working fine now. Very strange.

Odd, I experienced the same problem last night. Followed your lead and now everything works.

Thanks for the suggestion. 

Same thing happened to me and had support confirm that there’s an outage they’re trying to fix which has been affecting some customers. Unfortunately, looks like I’m not as lucky — turning off WiFi calling hasn’t fixed the issue for me.


Update: I got in touch with support again and Oliver was able to get me back up and running by disconnecting and reconnecting my device from the service back-end. (I removed my SIM, turned off my phone, waited a bit while Oliver did that, plugged the SIM back in, turned it back on, and everything was back.)