USB tethering with LG AT&T Unlocked Phones like the V20, V30, V35, and V40

  • 30 April 2019
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I got the V35 thinQ new for $300 shipped (April 2019) and it's the best $300 phone out there at the moment especially if you don't like notches (it has thin bezels) and you don't need a ton of storage (64 GB). Anyway, the phone has been working pretty much perfectly until my internet went out and I tried to tether via USB (Mobile Hotspot works fine) and it kept saying authentication is unsuccessful. After reading posts here and changing my APN settings nothing worked until I searched for the error message and I found a thread that mentioned some system setting that AT&T put in place to prevent tethering which I wasn't surprised by. I downloaded the Settings Database Editor App on Google Play (It's free) and changed a setting called tether_entitlement_check_state from 5 to 0 and instantly it worked. If you are considering one of these phones don't worry they work great!

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