Account number and pin number

  • 11 June 2018
  • 2 replies

If I want to switch from other carrier to mint sim and later if I don't like the servic of mint sim ,can I get account no and pin no .from mint ?

2 replies

Good evening,
yes you can! I switched from Metro to Mint 3+ months ago and ported my number by entering
o my phone number
o account number
o account pin
o zip code

To transfer out of Mint Mobile, you'll need the same info. I called Mint customer service and had my account number in seconds (guy was cool and didn't bite me or anything).

If you go to (or click "Bring Your Own Phone" on side bar menu), you'll see a video entitled "How to activate your SIM card and port your number | Mint Mobile". You may also just go to YouTube and watch it there.
What must you do to get these people to give you your account number??!!!! Why do they hold you 'HOSTAGE' with it??? Have tried in vain and was told i would be called back, never called.