Anyone experienced charges against Intl Roaming credit when not using paid services abroad?

  • 8 March 2019
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I've been using the Mint sim only to receive text messages while in Ireland, but still see the Intl credit amount go down. Still can't get an answer from support, just checking with the community if that's a known issue.
Data roaming is off (and another sim in dual-sim phone is configured for data), no calls made or received, no texts sent.

4 replies

I just saw the exact same thing. Credit just keeps going down even when data is disabled on the phone and not in use. absolute scam.

I was in Canada and also experienced the same. I had the data disabled but continued to get roaming charges. I called Customer Service but with little success. They figured some of the apps were using the data and the best they could do was to give me credit which is now locked in the wallet portion of the account. I incurred $1.50 of roaming charges without making or receiving any telephone call nor send/receive a text and the data was disabled on my phone.To stop further roaming charges, I had to remove the Mint Sim card and replace it with Sim card from a Canadian service provider until I returned to the USA. 

The service within the USA is very good but the roaming featuring and cost in another country, like Canada , needs improved information and/or explanation or changes to their network is required to prevent this from happening.

I don’t buy that - my phone shows total cell data used ~12MB and that was from before I traveled overseas… but even if it was used overseas and even at the ridicules rate of 0.20/MB it would still not use up my whole $10!

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needs improved information and/or explanation

Totally agree - detailed report on the charges incurred are a must here. I’ve got a hunch that it could be the voicemail redirected calls that are incurring costs when you’re abroad. Will try disabling the VM and see if it happens again.