Lost phone replacement/ service transfer

  • 4 August 2018
  • 3 replies

I was doing research for the last two weeks and during that time I lost my phone (after having only been using my Mint service for a few weeks).
I had purchased the starter kit, so I have the two extra "trial" sim cards. Would I be able to transfer my current package (3 months duration) to one of the trial sim cards rather than having to order a replacement for my new phone?


3 replies

Hi! Same thing's happened to me, do I just use the "activate replacement SIM" option with the new activation code?
The answer turns out to be yes! I transferred service to the second SIM card that came with using the mintmobile account manager.
Sorry if this is something inanely obvious. I've never had a phone with a removal SIM card before, so I'm new to this.

hey, I have the same problem. I lost my phone and ordered a sim replacement for my new phone. but unfortunately I’m unable to activate this sim replacement. I needed some help with this.