Mint will allow anyone with basic info to port you out. Terrifying.

  • 8 May 2020
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I got a couple incoming calls today from 800-937-8997 “T-Mobile Support”, a known port-out scam. Mint of course VMNOs under T-Mobile. Got a couple of these calls in recent months too.

Disturbed, I called 611 Mint support. 30 minutes and 3 representatives later talking with retention I’m told I cannot add a PIN or password to my account because they don’t have that functionality. WTF?

All representatives authenticated me based only on my billing address, last 4 of credit card, and/or what was my service plan or last payment. Well since there’s only 3 plans… Mint authentication and account security is absolutely terrifying. Anyone with basic info could port me out.

I was not asked to provide a pin or password at Mint account setup.

Am I the only one dumbfounded that I can’t add a PIN or password to my Mint account? Please tell me there is some type of port validation available.



1 reply

Agree, this is totally wrong and unnecessarily exposing all Mint customers to fraud.