No incoming SMS/Pic/MMS from selected numbers after phone change (Android)

  • 1 August 2020
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Hi, anybody know what is the pill to  fix this?

After changing my Galaxy S7 I don’t have incoming SMS/Pic/MMS from selected numbers (all from my Contacts). I had 3 sessions with Mint Support which is very nice and very easy to reach. Interesting what country they working from, they name (all 3) are really really unique!

but none of this helped. We ran EMEI it’s shows fine , 100% comparable,  even it’s from VZ, so it doesn’t have all 3 G4 bands. We finished with solution to send me new SIM card to try. Anybody has this experience, we tried all APN settings, interestingly they are different across diff sources, probably b’z of timeline, some instruct  APN name = Mint, or MINT MMS, some Ulta. If we send sms to 6700 you can see this. Some list Port on top portion set to blank, and MMS port = 8080, some opposite.  Quite confusing…  But I tried it all.


And it’s Aug 2020.

Tx all






1 reply

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Hey! I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the service. Please send us a private mesage with your phone number to take a closer look to the account.